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Mastitis Conditions

What is it?
Inflammation is the body’s response to injury. It is a dynamic process spanning the time of injury to time of healing, and is, in fact, the first... Read More

What is the impact?
Mastitis means inflammation of the udder and it is usually caused by bacteria entering the teat end from the environment or from other... Read More
What is Milk Fever?
Milk fever is the most important nutritional disorder affecting dairy cows. It is a macromineral disorder commonly affecting dairy cows... Read More
What is the impact?
Cases of mastitis are described as clinical or sub-clinical. Clinical cases are those cases you can see – cases showing clots in the milk,... Read More
What is the impact?
Mastitis control programmes do not usually involve heifers, even though heifers represent the herd replacements and, consequently, the... Read More
Dry Period-Associated Mastitis
What Is it?
During lactation the udder is under pressure to continue producing milk after which there is a dry period during... Read More
What is it?
As you may be aware from the media, there has been increasing discussion around the use of antibiotics on farms. Growing awareness of the... Read More

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